Its that time of year… you’re making plans for summer vacations, summer camps and adjusting to the idea that the kids will be home for the next three months.  Oftentimes parents think that this is a good time to put a hold on your student’s weekly music instruction.

This can often be a big mistake.

When students opt to hold their lessons over the summer they risk…

  • Losing their preferred teacher, day and time:  Though we do our best, we cannot guarantee your teacher or time will be available when you return in the fall.
  • Backsliding in the learning process: Students typically have to go back several weeks or even months in their lesson plans when they return, wasting valuable time and tuition dollars

Here at The Lesson Center we have come up with several ways to make sure you have plenty of time for all your vacation plans AND stay on track with your music education.  

  • Two weeks of Vacation Credit for every student (take two weeks off between June 1st – August 30th and pay no tuition for the missed time.)
  • The Lesson Center is CLOSED between July 2 – July 9 for Summer Break.
  • Any additional time off can be made up with virtual lessons from your teacher via the LessonMate program.

There are only about 8-10 weeks of actual summer break once school gets out and before it restarts.  Three of them you will not have to pay for (summer vacation credits and 4th of July week) if you retain your lesson schedule.  

Think carefully… will your student be able to make it to 6 or 8 lessons over the summer? If the answer is yes, then it makes sense to KEEP your schedule in tact. Keeping your student on track, occupied over the slower summer days with a productive endeavor, and your investment secure.

So before you HOLD your lessons, consider visiting our website to submit your SUMMER VACATION WEEKS and we will mark those for tuition credit.  Any additional time off (LessonMate lessons) can be requested via the REPORT AN ABSENCE link on our site at any time.

If you have any questions, email or call one of our Lesson Coordinators any time (610-868-1617).

We’re happy to help!