Teacher of the Week: Travis Hobbie

Teacher: Travis Hobbie

Instruments:  Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Piano, Songwriting

Locations:  Bethlehem and Coopersburg

Each week we put the spotlight on one of our amazing teachers, including a few words from some of their talented students. This week, we introduce guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, and songwriting teacher Travis Hobbie.travis

Travis has been playing guitar and writing songs for over 10 years. While working on his English degree at Temple University, Travis also took courses in music. He played for 8 years in a band called Wailing Waters and spent several years in the band Our Griffins. Most recently, he has been pursuing solo work, writing and performing as William H. Travis.

Listen to Travis’ music here: williamhtravis.bandcamp.com

Bachelor’s Degree in English (Temple)

Writing Certificate (Temple)

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From the Director: Lessons with Travis begin with his quintessential greeting, “Welcome!” From that point forward there can be no doubt that you truly invited into Travis’s world. With a knack of putting students at ease, while simultaneously encouraging them to express themselves, Travis finds a way to reach every individual director– from the most willing to learn to the greatest challenges. As an administrator, I know that we can always rely on him in a pinch and that he will always do what he can for the betterment of the students and the school. His love of music is infectious and his love of learning even more so. I always look forward to seeing what the students of Travis Hobbie will bring to the table next.


What is your favorite part of taking lessons with Travis?

“Not only has Travis taught me how to play guitar and to learn the patterns inside and out, but he has become a great friend that I look forward to seeing every single week.

“What is something Travis has taught you that you will always remember?

“Travis has taught me to play with complete confidence and to ‘own it'”

“My first full song”

If your friend was thinking of taking lessons with Travis, what would you say?

“That Travis is the best supportive teacher!! We are extremely happy with him!!!”

“It will be a highlight of your week

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