The Lesson Center offers several summer camp opportunities for children and now adults as well.  Whether your ready to rock the stage at Musikfest or simply try your hand at a new instrument – there is something for every age and skill level. 

 FEST CAMP (July 30 – August 10)


Fest Camp is our two-week summer program designed to give students (ages 10-18) the opportunity to work with their peers in creating a band, learning a set of songs, developing a band image and marketing initiative, and finally playing to a packed crowd at Musikfest.

Students must be proficient in their instrument to attend camp. You will be paired with students of similar ages and learning level. Song selection is done prior to the start of camp, so students are expected to begin reviewing their songs before camp begins.

Fest Camp is a two week (8 day) program, beginning Monday, July 30 and ending with the Friday, Aug. 10 performance at Musikfest. Camp runs from 9:30am to 2pm daily. Drop off begins at 9:00am.For more information, click the button below.

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What’s That?  You’re a GROWN-UP but still want to go to camp and rock the stage at Musikfest?

We got you covered!

Our Adult Fest Camp meets one night a week for six weeks between the week of June 25 and August 6, from 8-9pm.  Each adult group works with a coach and their bandmates to develop a set of songs and prepare a show for the Musikfest stage.

If you are interested in participating, please use the same form for the student bands provided via the Enroll Here button above.



Summer is the perfect time to test the waters on a new instrument or give singing a try.  And trying new things isn’t limited by age.  That’s why we have Try-It classes on everything from ukulele to piano, bass to voice for students ages 6-14 and 16 to adult.


Try-It’s meet for one week (Mon-Fri) for 50 minutes each day.  Students can add multiple instruments and receive discounts for every instrument they add (up to 3 classes total).

Classes are available 1-4pm in Bethlehem, Trexlertown, Northampton and Easton.


Try-It’s in guitar, ukulele and voice meet weekday evenings from 8-9pm for 60 minutes each.

Classes are available in Bethlehem, Trexlertown and Northampton.


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Enrollment opening soon. Additional classes available in our new Easton location.  Check back soon, or as a Lesson Coordinator.