Every year Fest Camp gives young musicians and vocalists (ages 9-19) the opportunity to work collaboratively with their peers to create a band, learn a set of songs under the guidance of our coaches, learn about musicianship, songwriting, marketing and promoting their band, and finally, take the stage at MUSIKFEST to put on an amazing concert.

Groups are divided up into bands and individual singer/songwriters sessions.  Both groups will work with their peers and coaches to produce stage ready performances at Musikfest 2017.

In addition to working with their bandmates and fellow singers, campers will also get daily training in songwriting.   The students will learn the art of song craft, then under the guidance their individual coaches, each band will create one song of their own (from music structure to lyrics) which will be performed at the finale.

Students must have a proficient understanding of their instrument, as they will be expected to learn their songs independently from camp – either at home or in private lessons with their weekly teachers.

Check out the video below for Fest Camps in the words and music of our students.

Mon-Thur: July 31-Aug 3 & Mon-Thur: August 7-10
Drop Off: Begins a 9am
Morning Meeting: 9:30am
Classes Start: 10am
Fest Camp Ends: 2:00pm (pick up must occur by 2:15pm)


Siblings: First Child: Full Price, Second/Third: $380

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 6.51.19 PM
Christ Church UCC
75 E Market Street
Bethlehem, PA
For Driving Directions, click here.



Students ages 12 and older may leave the church grounds for lunch. Lunch break is 11:00am to 12:00pm.  There are a number of options within a few short blocks of Christ Church.  We recommend students stick to one of these, as they MUST be back in the auditorium before 12:30pm.  Students who are repeatedly late risk being asked to leave camp. Students may also pack a lunch (students under 12 must pack and remain in the auditorium).

Here is a map of nearby restaurants:fetscampfood











The final performance will take place at Musikfest on the Plaza Tropical stage on Friday, August 11th from 12 to 3:00pm. Students must arrive by 11:30am.  For a map of the festival and adjacent parking options, click here.