Group Lessons

big6 band
Our popular summer camp program returns this summer, bigger and better than ever.  Students (ages 9-19) are paired with their peers in rock bands, work together to perfect their set of songs, learn about music and the music industry from special guests and instructors, and perform on stage at Musikfest 2016.  A Singer/Songwriter add-on is also available this summer.
When your student is ready to take their instrument learning to the next level, Band Coaching is a great way to introduce them to working with their peers, developing team skills and to further perfect their playing. Your student (ages 10-18) will be paired with other musicians to create a rock band, work for seven week nights, and perform on a great Lehigh Valley Stage.
The Lesson Center is honored to have been asked, for the second year in a row, by legendary entertainer Tony Orlando, to provide a choir to perform before each of the 12 shows in his Sands Event Center residency this winter. Students will work for 12 weeks with our Show Choir Director, Lane Conklin, and perform not only at the Sands shows, but at several holiday festivals and concerts over the season.