Each quarter we put together students from all four locations of The Lesson Center – guitarists, singers, pianists, drummers, etc. and pair them in rock and pop bands, under the leadership of our teaching staff.  The students learn to use the instrument and vocal skills that they have been honing in private lessons in a group atmosphere with their peers over a ten week period.  At the end of the ten weeks, the students perform on stage at a designated venue or festival.

 Are there weekly classes to attend?

Yes. Students will get together once a week from 8-9pm at one of several available TLC locations.

 When is the next show?

Friday and Saturday, April 28 and 29 at the ArtsQuest Southside Spring Arts Festival, at locations all throughout Bethlehem.

 What songs will the students perform?

This is 100% up to them.  In their first session they will put their heads together with their band coach and decide on 2-3 songs to concentrate on as a group.  The students work on their individual parts in their private lessons and at home, and then come to Band Coaching ready to put the pieces together with their band mates.

 What does Band Coaching cost?

$210 per ten week session.  

 How do I sign up?

Complete the form below indicating your preferred location(s) and coaching day options.  Choose as many as possible to help us place students together in groups that represent experience and age group.  Our coordinators will be in touch to discuss scheduling options.