Drum & Percussion


drum kit lessonsOur percussion staff work with every student to provide the type of instruction that meets your learning needs and helps you reach your performance goals.  All instruction starts with the basics of music theory as it relates to the drum. But, each instructor will also work with the student to find out where their musical passions lie (marching band, orchestra, rock band, etc.) and help the student learn by incorporating the kind of music they relate to best.  Music lessons should be ENJOYABLE, not a chore.  Our students don’t just play what they love in the classroom – they practice at home, play in recitals and shows, and work together with their peers in add-on group programming.

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performStudents will be encouraged to participate in regular recitals and on-going performances like our monthly open-mics and cabarets.  While students are not required to participate, we believe these performances help motivate and propel the student to continued improvement, as well as create confident performers who feel comfortable on a stage and in front of an audience.  Students may also opt to add on to their private lesson program, by participating in Band Coaching, Summer Camp or Songwriting sessions.