What to do if you missed your lesson…

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Utilizing the Lesson Mate software, our teachers will spend your missed lesson time uploading a detailed and personalized lesson plan. These plans may include text, YouTube clips, sheet music, and video commentary and examples from your teacher.   Lessons and homework reminders sent to you from your teacher also remain in your Lesson Mate account for review and easy access at any time.
Watch this brief Lesson Mate video to learn more:


To request a Lesson Mate make-up lesson from your teacher, please complete the absence form below (even if you already did or sent your absence in via our app).  Your teacher will use your missed lesson time to upload your virtual make-up.
    Our teachers use the Lesson Mate software during your absence to upload a detailed lesson plan/homework for you to work at home. These can include personalized text, videos, sheet music, video and audio examples and more. Click this link to learn more: http://goo.gl/bfpP9c